Monday, October 6, 2008

early 2004 looking for a place in the country

2004. Larry took an early retirement. We started looking for a house in the country. This one was the first one we found.
We looked at a lot of others, but we kept coming back to this one. It had what we wanted.
The right amount of land, fence for horses, a good water well, some outbuildings, trees, a couple of ponds, and it was on a hill. Oh, and it came with a tractor. a blue one. very cool.
So this is a picture of what we saw when we first drove up the driveway, following the realtors car. Looked pretty good from here! Ok, so blue wouldn't be the color I would choosefor a house - a tractor maybe, but still, it looks good. A house on a hill - actually built INTO the hill - the back door upstairs goes out on the ground.
This used to be a little carport - but some years ago they turned it into a workshop - one side was for her and the other for him. I'm thinkin', hey, this could be my studio!
The front door and a nice little covered porch area.

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