Tuesday, May 24, 2011

tea parties and extra sensory perception

My husband says I have esp.  And I think he might be right.  I dream about things that happen within a few days, and have  little glimpses of things that come true.  It isn't profound always, but happens nontheless.  And I think the difference is, that I NOTICE them.  It makes me happy knowing that I am tuned in to it, aware that I'm open to possibilities.

But this isn't about that.  Not really anyway.  The other day I was working in my garden.  In that "zone" that goes away the second you realize you are in it.   It happens when I paint, when I garden, and occasionally, dangerously, when I drive.  While I was happily enthralled with pruning my roses,  my friend Patty popped into my mind.  She was one of those gals in my life that I sort of lost when I moved to the country.  I hadn't see her for at least seven years, and wondered how she was, and what she was doing.
 The very next day, I got a voice mail message from her!  I told Larry about thinking of her the day before, and he said again, "you've got esp".  It has happened quite frequently lately.  And I like to tell him my dreams, because he is a witness to the weird and wonderful reality of them.

I called her back and she invited me to tea!  Along with another gal that was one of the first friends I made when I moved to Fort Worth over 20 years ago.

Patty was one of my clients at first, and then, like a few others in the bunch of customers I had in those days, fast became my friend.  I remember that I was engaged to be married to Mr. Wonderful, ecstatic with life and love and all the possibilities of our future together, and she was a new client.  No doubt enjoying my enthusiasm - it was absolutely contagious and I caught a lot of people up in the wave of happiness.  I remember being overwhelmed by the generous gift she gave us for our wedding, an entire set of our chosen dishes.  I mean, we hadn't been friends for long - maybe a month or so.

That was almost exactly 17 years ago.  As Kermit says, "Time's fun when you are having flies."  It is astounding to me when I think of the time that has passed since then.  She was my client for 8 years after that, until I quit doing nails in 2002 and graduated from college.

I love this photo of me and my dad-e-o when I graduated, so I had to share it........

 Tea at Patty's house is an event.  She spares no expense when it comes to entertaining.  THE consumate hostess with the mostess.  REALLY.  (insert OMG)  I always remembered the parties she put together - we went to quite a few of her gala events, birthday parties, Christmas parties, grand openings, always fabulous food and beautiful surroundings.  I knew it would be a fantastic event, so when she invited, I made arrangements in my schedule to take the day, drive to Fort Worth,  and join in the fun.

It was so wonderful to see Patty!  And Mary Evelyn again!  And I was just sure I had met her friend Jana at some time - though neither one of us could remember.  I just felt like I knew her.  She is a lifetime friend of Patty's and a hairdresser - so we had lots in common.   Mary Evelyn and I met 20 years ago when we worked at Mona's Nail Salon - one of those huge 80's salons with 36 manicurists lined up row after row.  We wore uniforms to work.  Seems a lifetime ago.

We ate and ate, and drank tea with our pinkies up, and ate some more, and laughed and laughed and remembered those days, and laughed some more. It was a three and a half hour tea party.  I didn't want it to end.
We're doing it again.  Life is too short to wait another seven years.  Live. Laugh. Love.

and whether I have esp or not, que sera sera, what will be will be.....

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our very own Roadrunner no coyote

We have a roadrunner that lives in our front yard.  Well, we think he lives in a tree near the driveway.  He works hard running back and forth from my garden with delectable, very large items in his beak to feed his brood.  I say he.  I have no idea if he is a he, or if there are two of them working the field.  I know very little about roadrunners. But likely there are two of them brooding some chicks nearby. They are very fun to watch.

I know my grandson thought it was just the coolest thing EVER to see one run across the road in front of our car when he was here visiting a few years ago.  Ever since, every time he is here, he looks for a roadrunner.  And every time, he sees one, or two, and he is absolutely delighted.  I suppose he is looking for Wily Coyote to be ambling along after the funny bird with  his tail on fire or something equally drastic.

I looked up Roadrunners and found some interesting information.  I mean, I wondered just exactly what he was foraging for in my precious vegetable garden.  Turns out, they are great bug hunters, scorpion killers, small rodent eaters, and snake lovers, even will pair up and go for the big snakes, as their favorite delectable.  A part of the cuckoo family - I love the fact that I have a family of cuckoos living in my yard.  Perfect.

They can run at speeds of up to 26 miles per hour!  Even my dog doesn't bother them when they are tearing across the yard with their booty in beak, often stopping to check out their surroundings, coming ever closer to the door and my front porch. 

A cache of 3-6 eggs take twenty days to hatch, and then fledge the nest in another 18 days.  So I figure this batch of babies will be running around the yard in another week or so.  I wonder if they will follow their parents up to my garden for dinnertime, or if they are on their own once they take their first trot out and get up to speed. 

The Hopi Indians believed the roadrunner provided protection against evil spirits.  Some frontier folks believed roadrunners led lost people to trails.  Makes sense.  They probably made those trails.
I'm enamored with my yard cuckoo bird.  I can't wait to see the babies run.

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