Saturday, October 25, 2008

a treasure lost and found

Oh, today is SUCH a great day.
Wonderful weather, cool and crisp this morning, the sun is shining.
And I found a treasure.

While cleaning out the garage, unpacking boxes that have been stored away for the past four years as we've worked on this old place, I found a box of my cookbooks. Amongst them, was a hand typed book, about 40 pages or so, compiled by my late Aunt Margy, of all her favorite recipes.

There are some great recipes in there, ones that I plan to use for sure - and she wrote funny little notes along with them about the people she got them from and how she might have changed them up a bit. But one of them is a recipe that I thought for sure lost and gone forever.

Pickled beets. The recipe was given to her by Aunt Eva, my pawpaw's sister, who is delightful and living still at 90 something in a wonderful old folks home in Denison Texas. When we visit her she asks the same questions over and over again, and tells the same stories too - about things that happened to her when she was a girl. She has the same sparkle in her eye that my pawpaw had in his. I kinda hope that I have it too.

Anyway, I'm sure it has to be the very same beet recipe that my meemaw used to make the most mouth watering sugar beets in the world. I've not had them since she died - I had one old jar of them that I kept in the frig and put canned beets in the juice for about a year after she died, until it just wasn't the same anymore.

Meemaw said that beets made your cheeks rosy, and I believe her.

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