Sunday, September 28, 2008

Welcome to the Shady B Ranch!!!

Howdy and Welcome!
I have a dream that this great old place will become an artist retreat that sustains itself through art processes and creativity in learning art and craft, old and new. A place that nurtures the artists soul with good food, fellowship and artistic endeavors with people seeking knowledge in areas of interest. We've been working on this place for four years now and have made significant progress on the house and grounds. But there is still more to do.
My plan is to build a barn that can house workshops of all kinds, a cabin for guest artists, a deck for outdoor demonstrations and parties, and eventually, cabins for guests wanting to stay for a weekend or a week workshop, when those are available. Workshops will begin in the year 2010 with a year in the RED. Our first guest artist is already booked - Ron Meyers - from Georgia - one of my all time favorite clay artists that works primarily on the potters wheel and decorates his utilitarian vessels with a wonderful sense of humor and play. More on him in the months to come.
So get excited with me, and I'll share our journey with you, past and present, as you get to know us and what we're doing at the Shady B.

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