Thursday, October 9, 2008

A sad day at the Shady B

Today is a very sad day at the Shady B. We lost our precious calf - Juney B - this morning at sunrise. She was just four months old.
The vet said she broke her pelvis. Can't imagine how she did that. But the weather has been cooler lately and everyone is in good spirits and running and jumping and we figure she must have just fallen while she was playing in the pasture.
Everyone is sad. Bessie, the momma cow is bawling, walking up and down the fence looking for her baby. Gracie is crying and nervous. The horses are at the fence watching - they seem to know there is sadness and death. Everyone is grieving for our loss.
We have to realize that this is part of life. That she had a good one while she was here, however short. That we provided a good home for her to live, and that Bessie was a terrific momma. Death comes to all of us at some time or another. Some sooner than others. Animal or human, we all have to die. So we will grieve for our little Juney B. And we'll continue to live too, blessed by all the creatures, great and small, that God gives us to love and care for.

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