Saturday, September 10, 2011

Venice, Murano, Burano

Because of weird internet service, my blogging has gone out the window, but I'll try to catch up when I get home.  Just a few photos now......Walked around Venice......
Sat in St. Marks Square.
And fed the pigeons.....

Went to the opera......

Went to Murano......
and to Burano......
my favorite:).....

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

foto fantasma (photo ghost)

This is a photo that Linda took of me in the restaurant the other day.  It is an amazing photograph - I think I will try to paint it......

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lunch in Manarola

We decide to hold out for a good lunch in the quiet city of Manarola, and after a train ride from Corniglia, we begin the hike up, searching for the jewel of a restaurant.
Who would know that the Trattoria Billy would be it.

With a view of the sea, five tables max, we sit and begin the feast.  I am enamored with the bottle of balsamic vinegar they place before me.  It is like syrup, and the sweetest I've ever tasted.....

Weirdly, I am attracted to the item on the menu that says fried fish.
I order this with french fries and a salad.  It is all very expensive, but
Oh my.  SO good!  Fresh sardines, shrimp and octopus.  Except for Nona Tatas in Fort Worth, this is the best octopi I have ever had!  And the italian fries are yummy, crisp and delicious.

Kim and Don share two lobsters with spaghetti.  Afterwards we all need to be hosed down. 

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The trail to Corniglia

Since it is so hot, we decided to try the trail very early on friday morning.  So at 7 am, we took off for Corniglia.  I thought I dressed right, but within a half hour, my pants legs were zipped off.  Thankfully too - since we needed something to wipe the sweat out of our eyes.  It was SOOOOOOO hot and humid I don't think I've ever been that sweaty.  The trail is a difficult one, two hours of steps up and then about aa million steps down.  I'm not sure which is more difficult.  But by the time we arrived at the town, we were out of calories and water.
One thing I realize is this......

I am such a dork.

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first morning in Vernazza.....Due Cappucini por favore

I have to have at least due cappucini each day....that is two a day.....I LOVE italian coffee.
 The barista was laughing at me because I was scooping every last bit of foam out of the cup.  So when she made the second one for me, she happily piled it high.

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Dinner with Giuliano

Giauliano works very hard.  Not only does he take care of the lovely apartments he has lovingly made, and rents to tourists, he also works in a restaurant on the piazza at the la spiaggia (beach).  Since it is the last evening he is working, we decide to dine with him and we make a reservation.    Lovely meal.  But I am so sleepy I am like a child falling asleep in my spaghetti. 

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Cinque Giornati nel Vernazza (five days in Vernazza)

We arrived in Vernazza on wednesday afternoon after a fabulous morning in Lucca.   The train trip was NOT uneventful, like everything we do here.   Each day has been a fun filled trip of stories.

I SO hope I can remember them all to share, since we have not been on the internet since wednesday.  It has been nice to be so disconnected, but I want to share this trip with you all, and I want to be able to revisit it again when I am home.  Italy is amazing.

So, the first story, on el treno, hauling our luggage (I thought I packed light).  Kim and Don step onto the train and Kim can't get the door to the car open.  So Don, looks up and points to this handle and says to Lucy(Kimy) - "Pull that"......
SCARED me to death (Scaramuccio)(that is another story) I was JUST about to step onto the train with my luggage when the AIR swooshed out like an explosive gust and my heart skipped a beat.  Of course, Kim and Don opened the door and made a clean getaway, when a man came from the other car and, shaking his head, pulled the handle back into place.  When we finally got on the train, we laughed until we cried.
We arrive in Vernazza after two train changes, and haul our luggage down the steps of the train station to the common area and enlist Kimy to  call Giuliano.  But he is still on his way from Lucca to get his daughter Sophia, so we head up the hill since I know where to go. 
  OH MY GOD it is hot. 

This is the view from our room......

We stow our luggage and go directly to the beach for lunch.

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