Friday, December 10, 2010

Wink or you'll miss it

So, that's supposed to be "blink".
But "Wink" is the name of the restaurant that Brad said was his favorite. 
We'll plan another trip, stay at a groovy hotel and make dinner the highlight of our trip.
and spending time with friends.
Which is always the best part.

I wanted to share a little about the dinner Brad prepared for us when we were in Austin.
He's a big foodie - a lot of my friends are these days it seems.
Anyway - even though it was HIS birthday, and he was beginning a huge project with his firm,
I asked him to cook for us.  I know, I'm ROTTEN!  But the man needed a little R & R,
and cooking is just the thing for a foodie to relax a little.  Especially when he's got appreciative
EATERS on hand.  And I am that, if nothing else, a really good eater.

We gave him carte blanche.  I suppose that put a french spin on things, because he came up with a menu that included Coq au vin.  The dish that the french usually prepared when they had an old rooster on hand that was acting unruly.  Instead, he used some nice chicken thighs he found at the famous Austin Central Market that very afternoon.  He paired it with a bunch of brussels sprouts, and a fabulous salad made with this spinach from Poteet Texas of all places.  It was divine.

The chicken was tender and savory.  The vegetables were perfectly cooked  - sort of like a chicken stew.  He chose a white wine to flavor the pot, which added  a nice and fresh, very clean lightness to an otherwise heavy winter dish.  I loved it.  I had two thighs, hopefully a right one, and a left one - to stay balanced.

I have to say, the Brussels sprouts were my favorite.  Larry likes them, so I cook them occasionally, but these were cut in half and allowed to caramelize in the pan on the flat side before they were turned, and then a bit of balsalmic reduction added to flavor.  I could eat a ton of them, and in fact, did, finish off the healthy portion he prepared for us.  No leftovers there.  Sorry Barb:)

The salad was another thing of beauty and culinary delight.  Evidently, this Poteet spinach has quite a reputation.  It is sweet and tender, triple washed, fresh with goodness and nutty flavor.  Barb had this great salad dressing with blue cheese made by Martinique brand that added a pungent savory-ness to the greens.  I can't for the life of me remember what else was in that salad, but I had two helpings.  I'm telling you, I'm an eater:)  Normally I don't eat bottled dressing, but this stuff was great, and has good ingredients - well, except for the soy oil, which I understand is not great for the thyroid, but all the other stuff was good stuff - and NO SUGAR, which is pretty remarkable.   I found some today to put in my pantry.  I'm thrilled to have found it in Weatherford!

Great wine, great friends, great food, great fellowship, lots of laughter, stories well told, and best of all, the gift of time, given without hesitation. 
Is the stuff that makes memories shared.
Thanks Brad,
for cooking for us for your birthday. 

Say it with a SMILE and a handmade TILE!

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