Thursday, December 9, 2010

Food in Austin

Spent a few days in Austin and wanted to make the most of the calories spent there.  Three of us took a few days after all the shows were finished with for a food and friends extravaganza.   It was Brads birthday, so we asked what his favorite restaraunt was.  I can't remember the name of the place he said without hesitation - more on that one later, cuz we're planning another trip.  We started searching online for a restaraunt we used to haunt in the old days in Austin.  Miraculously, it was still in business.  I mean, food comes and goes in Austin, and the fact that this one has been an institution in a trendy city is a testament to its goodness.

Kyoto.  You take your shoes off when you enter.  Sit on the floor.  Beautiful ladies in Kimonos serve you fabulous food.  I couldn't wait.

But it was sunday, and I suppose we all have to have a day to rest.  This was theirs.  So, we started over, searching.  And found this gem called Uchiko.  It has a higher end restaurant in town called Uchi, but we are on a budget, so we chose this and made a reservation.  It was an experience.  Let me tell you.  I wish I had written down the food we were all able to taste and sample a bit of.  Beautiful food - fresh sushi mostly - a few cooked dishes - incredible from the fresh fish to the fresh vegetables to the beautiful presentations.  All served by a most delightful waitress, each time telling us passionately and patiently what we were eating, and how wonderful she thought it all was too.  I love it when a wait person is passionate about the food they are serving.  It is absolutely one of the things I search for when I am looking for a food experience.  I wish her good fortune in her future, but I also hope that every time I visit, I find her in exactly the same spot, at the same table, with the same sushi chef (which by the way, is a woman).  I loved every minute of it.

The next day started out wonderful  - we had breakfast from Barbs own kitchen - a savory and yummy  dish of fresh eggs and sausage,  orange juice, about three pots of coffee with half and half, and a catch up get to know ya better visit in her very comfy  living room.   A GREAT morning relaxing with friends.

We decided we wanted to spend a few hours on Congress Ave shopping, so about noon, we headed out.   Christy was looking for some neato cowgirl boots.  Kim isn't ever really looking for anything, but we have SO much fun dressing her that she can't help buying something along the way.  And me, well, I can almost always find something.  I'm not just a good eater, I'm also a good hunter, and an even better finder. 

After a few hours, we were famished again and fell into a really cool looking lunch spot called Snack Time.  It has so much potential.  I mean, the place is really groovy inside and out.  Our waitress was sweet and if not passionate about the food, she was smiling and available.  We ordered some items that sounded really interesting, like veggie straws, and roasted beet salad with goat cheese, and sweet potato soup, and hummus, and something I can't pronounce with leeks and cabbage and aoili.  The soup was so thick you could cut it -tasted like it came out of a can and more like a pumpkin than a sweet potato (we're foodies here, so we know).  The veggie straws were from a bag - I mean, a little bowl of colored chip things that tasted like those Munchos you used to get when you were on the road. I don't do that anymore FYI.  The hummus tasted like it was soured - we sent that one back.  And the beet salad was straight from a can - not roasted beets - they were vinegared.  The only redeeming part was the thing I can't pronounce or remember what it was - the leek and cabbage thing - it was delicious, and no doubt freshly prepared, presented well, and I wanted to order another one.  But I didn't push my luck - we paid our overpriced bill and went on our way, already thinking about the next meal........

More on that one in the next blog.  Brad cooked, so stay tuned.......

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