Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lunch in Manarola

We decide to hold out for a good lunch in the quiet city of Manarola, and after a train ride from Corniglia, we begin the hike up, searching for the jewel of a restaurant.
Who would know that the Trattoria Billy would be it.

With a view of the sea, five tables max, we sit and begin the feast.  I am enamored with the bottle of balsamic vinegar they place before me.  It is like syrup, and the sweetest I've ever tasted.....

Weirdly, I am attracted to the item on the menu that says fried fish.
I order this with french fries and a salad.  It is all very expensive, but
Oh my.  SO good!  Fresh sardines, shrimp and octopus.  Except for Nona Tatas in Fort Worth, this is the best octopi I have ever had!  And the italian fries are yummy, crisp and delicious.

Kim and Don share two lobsters with spaghetti.  Afterwards we all need to be hosed down. 

Say it with a SMILE and a handmade TILE!

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