Tuesday, February 8, 2011

my shady B

If you haven't read my about page on my website, now is a good time to do it....

While winter is still lingering, and the days are still short, a good story of promise gives us new energy, and hope for the spring.  While we are still working on this old place, it is always good to go back and see how far we've come in a seemingly short period of time. 

We had company this past weekend that hadn't been here in a while.  They were noticing all the things we had done since their last visit.  I suppose it's been longer than we realized since they stayed over, but there were quite a lot of additions over the past half a year or so. 

We installed a beautiful new handrail for the stairwell.  The wood is from the same post oak tree that we used in our bathroom.  Beautiful rich and interesting burly wood, lovingly planed, dried and stored until we came along wanting to make something out of it.  Our carpenter and my husband are geniuses when it comes to bringing my visions to life.  They take an idea and fly with it, making it even better in reality. 

We poured the concrete for our porches and walkway to the house.  This was a major expense, and my savings account still has not recovered from it.  But it made an incredible difference in the look of the house, not to mention keeping the dirt from entering the doorway.  Now, if I can keep the two little bull calves off of it and out of my flower garden......another small problem with the pasture fence that needs repair......

We finished (or almost finished) the tile on the counter tops of the bathroom. 

We installed glass in the shower.

We had our carpenter make this incredible wood chopping block for my kitchen island.  It was a gift from our friends Kim and Don, who love to come cook with us and stay the weekend.

We installed the three Aspens my brother brought from Colorado in my living room.  Yes, they go floor to ceiling in the corner, reminding me of the mountains I love so much.  Now, when they visit, they don't ask me what I want them to bring from Colorado........:)

We got my piano back from my other brother Guy, and music is a big part of our lives again.  So now, that is in my living room instead of the buffet.

Anyway, there's still lots to do,
rock work
the garage made into studio space, windows put in, ceiling, a bathroom
cabin built
deck built
barn door and concrete
and maybe another barn for Larry
fencing improvements
a loafing shed

I'm just putting it out there......a vision, so to speak.......where I envision us being in another seven years.......it is all coming together.........

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