Thursday, February 24, 2011

in the news!

I was mentioned in the Springtown AND the Azle News today!
Here is the link to the Azle paper....
and here is the link the the Springtown paper.
They are, for the most part, the same article, but it is cool to see my name in print.

Last friday was the empty bowls event.  They made almost a quarter of a million dollars from donations of local potters and restaurants.  Said the first event was in 2003, but I think it was earlier than that - the one I remember helping to organize was much smaller - we rented a small gallery in downtown Fort Worth and I helped make the salad.  We served soup and salad and I think the price was $20.  We spent many many hours decorating bowls that were fired at a local ceramic shop. 
Now, the event has grown into two venues - one in Fort Worth and one in Dallas.  $40 a bowl now.  The food has gotten much more glamorous too.    It is all for a good cause. 

I have donated bowls every year for the Fort Worth benefit.  I make bowls for my students to finish, and some for my neices and nephew to decorate each year.  They like the fact that they are doing something to help feed people too.

Say it with a SMILE and a handmade TILE!

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