Monday, October 4, 2010

autumn stuff

The windows are open once again.  Ahhhhh, a breath of fresh air cools my home and clears the air.   As the weather begins to cool, and the leaves begin to turn, we can be outdoors a little more, work in the garden, tend to things that have been put off for the burning days of the summer.  We can breathe again.  Summer in Texas is an endurance test for people like me.  Everything is hotter in Texas.  Or so the T shirt says.

So NOW, we are inspired by the junk in our closets and the stuff we have collected over a lifetime, to CLEAN HOUSE.  And by that, I mean, REALLY clean the clutter.  Supposedly you are supposed to be inspired to do that in the spring, but in Texas, we have been indoors all summer, and the fall comes, even a hint of it, and we are ready to go to work.  OUTSIDE.  You see those shows on television about the folks that hoard stuff.  While I don't think we fall into that category, there are those that might argue the point if they looked in our garage.  It is one of the things that Larry and I would fight over at the drop of a hat - that is, cleaning out the garage.  We have to be very careful when we attempt that task.  May actually be the very reason we don't, very often.  But it is time.  And the weather is perfect.

So, we have set a date.  An entire week in fact, to clear out the closets, so to speak.  We are having a garage sale in three weeks, selling the stuff we don't use, the stuff we don't need, the stuff we have been storing and forgot we had.  It is just too much to live around anymore. 

Seems funny, but the larger your purse, the more you put in it.  The larger your closet, the more clothes and shoes and purses you find to store there.  The larger your junk drawer, the more junk you collect.  What do we really need?  When we lived in the RV, we found that we really needed very little to live day to day.
Although, I did find that I missed some of my stuff after living in that confined space for a year and a half.
But really, I don't need 24 tea cups, do I? AND their saucers?

We used to live in a really tiny house.  One of those old houses in Fort Worth with tiny rooms, tiny closets (if there even WERE closets) and no storage at all in the kitchen, no garage.  We managed to cram the space with stuff, despite the lack of storage spaces.  The attic held our Christmas decorations and our luggage, thankfully. 

When we moved out here, the 9 acre place was full of stuff, left from another lifetime of collecting.  We spent the first couple of years clearing off piles of bits of stuff - throwing most of it in the dumpster, which was emptied every week.  And now we have our own piles of stuff.  Stuff from the house as we remodeled it, like old cabinets and porcelain fixtures from the bathroom, lumber that is still useable, and roofing material that we had left over.  Fencing, wire, panels, trailers, even an old truck that doesn't run any more.  We've managed to replace the piles with our own lifetime of stuff.  And now we are feeling overwhelmed by it all again.
It's movin on outa here. I reckon.

Say it with a SMILE and a handmade TILE!

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