Thursday, February 16, 2012

Time goes by

OK, so I know.  It's February already.  And I've not been here since October.  It's just like that when you are in the gift business.  Not that we're making much money at it, but it keeps me running.  This year I vowed to take it easier.  Work on my home a little more.  Practice my fiddle each day.  Plant my garden early.  Finish some projects I've started.  Start some new ones.  And paint.  None of those things make a living, but who knows, they might someday.

I have paintings in my head, sitting on my heart, ready to get on paper and canvas.  Every day, since the decorations went to the garage, I've thought I'd get started.  But seems something else always calls me to do that thing, whatever it is.  As my mother once said to me.  You stay busy Rachel, but all of it is elective.  Yes, I elect (or choose) to do everything, from playing the fiddle, to traveling, to emptying the dishwasher, though that is one of those things that eventually has to be done by somebody.
Any volunteers?

Right now, yes I know it is february, the lawn needs to be mowed, there are four loads of laundry to do, my early planted garden needs attention, my studio needs cleaning, my fiddle needs playing, my new project needs a few hours attention, the RV needs cleaning for the weekend trip planned, I have errands in town to do, a dog that needs a game of ball, and dishes in the sink.  I don't think I'll paint today, or tomorrow.  But I will paint that painting in my head.  Eventually.

And it will be a good one.

Say it with a SMILE and a handmade TILE!

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