Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I SO love this BOGO. Buy One GIVE One.  I think my work should reflect THAT in all I do.  Since tilesmile IS Say it with a SMILE and a handmade TILE, I think we should all START thinking about making people SMILE  a TILE at a time.

SO, this is what I propose to DO.
I make these marvelous 2 inch tiles with small itty BITTY words on them.  THO they are small,
they are  POWERFUL.  Words can have such power, and they are FREE. 

So with every tilesmile you purchase, I will send you a FREE POWER word to GIVE.
You MUST give the power WORD to someone within the month.  Carry it with you, and wait
for the opportune time to GIVE it.  This is my way of Paying IT forward, one tileSMILE at a time.

Each month will be a new word.
and the month of MAY starts with JOY.
Give JOY.

Say it with a SMILE and a handmade TILE!

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